From Weddings and other church functions to business product photography and filming. LoftonSpace can do it all


We can film and take memorable pictures of your special day anywhere in Iowa. We travel with all the pro tools including a 4K pro camera to get the best quality shots including microphones and other audio options. Our family will go all out for your family and we'd be very grateful for your invitation to capture your wedding day. All for an average package price of just $700. Contact Us today to get a personalized quote.

Church Functions

As a Christian company, we want to help you celebrate your worship services, baptisms, sermons and other special moments by providing the best possible filming solutions. Contact us today and let us help you capture the moments. We can also provide sound services for bigger events with other custom audio solutions.

Product Photography

Showcasing your business' products in film and photography is a huge passion of ours at LoftonSpace. We can film and photograph items for menus, websites, digital distributions, and traditional marketing materials. We use the highest level of equipment and skill. We have a strong background in business marketing. Let us help you make your mark. Contact Us today for a free consultation. We can travel anywhere in Iowa.

Custom Filming

With so many filming opportunities, it's impossible for us to list all the ways we can help you succeed and capture truly great imagery. Contact Us today to see how we can bring AV to life for you.


With over 10 years of experience with AV equipment, we are uniquely qualified to assist with AV technical issues with a particular interest in church / worship sound t/s.

AV Troubleshooting

We can help you troubleshoot a wide varientof video and audio equipment. We have over 10 years of experience. We are fairly priced at just $30/hr. With so many applications we can assist with, the best way to know if we can help you is just give us a call (515) 996-6842.

On-Site Consultations

Some issues are just too complicated to resolve over the phone, we believe sometimes the best resolutions come from being on-site and meeting one-on-one. We can travel anywhere in Iowa to meet with you and provide you with solutions that meet your goals and budget.

New Equipment Install

We travel all over the state of Iowa and want to come to you as well to assist with the installation of your brand new audio and video equipment. Today's gear requires so much technical know-how that more often than not most people struggle with setuupand configuration to the point they just end up returning the gear. We want to make sure your gear is fun and easy to use and elevates you AV goals and expectations. Contact Us today for a no obligation consultation.

Custom AV Consulting

With so much gear out there, it's impossible for us to list all the ways we can help, so please contact us so we can discuss your unique situation and provide you with an expert analysis. It truly will amaze you how much we can help you succeed with your AV equipment.